Despite Ban, Fish Traders still selling ‘Challani’ Fish in Assam?

Guwahati, July 11: Despite the 10-day ban on the sale of fish brought from outside Assam, there are several reports from the state claiming that challani fishes are now being sold secretly.

On Tuesday, Minister Pijush Hazarika announced that the sale of all fishes from outside will have banned for 10 days as the fish were found to have a high amount of formalin.

Pijush Hazarika speaking on the issue said, “The government has taken the decision to ban the sale of fish brought from outside Assam after ‘formalin’ was detected in the fish samples collected from the markets of Guwahati. The government is going to impose the ban for a period of 10 days and in these days the people related to the fish market will be given a chance to stop the sale of fish containing formalin.”

But on Wednesday it was seen that many traders were reportedly selling the fishes allegedly containing formalin despite the government’s order. Some traders from Guwahati were alleged of selling the fishes ‘secretly’ while in some other places such as Dhekiajuli and Udalguri, traders were openly selling these fishes.

In Guwahati, some have alleged that the fishes are being kept inside thermocol boxes and are sold to some people known to the traders only. It has also been alleged that these fishes were being sold to various hotels and restaurants in the city at a much cheaper rate as compared to the earlier price due to the ban.

It may be mentioned that the minister while announcing the blanket ban stated violators might have to pay a fine up to Rs 10 lakh with 2-7 years of imprisonment.

However, the administrations of all the districts are keeping a strict vigil on the fish traders but no one has been penalized yet.