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    Do It With Style: These Comfy Kurta-Pyjama Ideas Are Love

    The soft fabrics and the breezy linens are going to add a delight to your life and of course beat the scorching heat

    Getting dress up for work is a herculean task that most of us deal with every day. On some days, you might go through the roof as you can’t figure out what to wear as you run out of ideas. Well, no worries, these simple and comfortable kurta-pyjama set ideas are going to bring back the easy-breezy life.

    These outfit ideas are not just going to save your time and energy but also help you sustain the go-getter heat-proof looks and nail the perfect summer wear look. The soft fabrics and the breezy linens are going to add a delight to your life and of course, beat the scorching heat.

    As simple as it sounds, these ideas are appropriate for every occasion to look effortlessly stylish rocking your all day to night looks. From work, brunch dates to dinner with your friends or family, these combo outfits are going to make you fall in love with the dress up game all over again. The pro-tip is the minimal accessory to dab your look and you are ready to take over the world.

    Here is a compilation of 5 kurta-pyjama sets that roar with versatility. Look stylish anywhere and everywhere, check them out:

    • Perfect office wear
    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    This powder blue pink block printed cotton kurta-pyjama set is all about making a statement in your workplace. With summers, this is your best option to beat the heat.

    • For the love of dupatta
    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    A dupatta will never go out of style and it has been with every woman from generations. Adding a dupatta always gives an elegant touch to your look and makes it a put-together outfit.

    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    Here’s another option for you. This is a perfect ensemble for a day event that you don’t want to miss.

    • For the Bollywood buff
    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    This traditional embroidered kurta-sharara Bollywood inspired set is for the filmy bug in you. Accessorize with minimal silver junk jewellery and make heads turn.

    • Go Chikankari
    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    Chikankari embroidery, one of India’s ancient and well-known art forms has been everyone’s favourite since history. The beauty of chikankari kurtas never goes unnoticed and it immediately adds the right amount of glam to a kurta-pyjama set.

    • Pastel love
    Photo credit: @Pinterest

    This alluring pastel beauty is the perfect kurta set for a festival that you need to attend at your work or even after that. Pastel shades are easy and it is a trend which is here to stay.

    So, the next time if you are having a mid-life crisis of choosing the perfect outfit for your office, open your wardrobe and put on your best kurta-pyjama set and you ready to rule the world.

    Photo credit: @pinterest


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