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Sunday, July 25, 2021

    Dog meat trade – a menace that goes unnoticed!

    There are countless numbers of cases that are not being reported, claimed animal activist for street dogs Fowzia Rahim

    Guwahati: Despite the fact that the dog meat trade is banned in India and considered illegal according to the laws of India but it is still carried out in Nagaland and other states in India.

    There are countless numbers of cases that go non-reporting.

    In recent times, a police team led by assistant sub-inspector, Prashant Bora in Golaghat, at least 35 dogs were rescued successfully. They were in transit to a slaughterhouse.

    Shockingly, in spite of the best efforts of veterinary doctors, 13 dogs lost their lives due to asphyxia.

    Notably, Asphyxia is caused due to tight packing even around neck.

    The police and veterinary doctors are putting their best efforts to protect the other 22 smuggled dogs.

     Police also claimed them to stable as of now and further ensured that strict action shall be taken against the accused.

    In the meanwhile, raising concern over the issue, animal activist for street dogs and cats, Fowzia Rahim from Delhi told TIME8, “Smuggling of dogs are common all over the nation, we cannot directly blame the Naga people for the dog meat trade. However, coming to the Golaghat case, since the smuggled dogs were rescued in Golaghat, thus, it can be speculated that these dogs were in transit to the slaughterhouse in Nagaland. But, there are many other important points that are needed to be taken into consideration to stop the dog meat trade.”

    Fowzia strongly claimed that apart from the disappearance of dogs from the streets, there are cases where dogs are being kidnapped by smugglers from the feeding centres and later use for trading dog meat.

    “Disappearing of dogs in India is rampant, as dogs can be easily trapped by providing foods and pampering. They are smuggled in a very pitiful condition; they are drugged and beaten badly on their head,” added Fowzia.

    She also claimed that knowingly or unknowingly, dog meat trades in the name of mutton are on in every part of the nation, she claimed.

    Informing about two such instances, animal activist Fowzia stated that two dogs were abducted from her own feeding point on November 3 and 14, 2020, respectively in New Delhi.

    “There were no reports of accidents or any other reports of illnesses, all of sudden they went missing. Another rescued dog at my feeding centre went missing nine months earlier on January 5, 2020. Definitely, there is a nexus operating in the dog meat trade,” Fowzia added. 

    Fowzia also urged the police department with the animal activists to work hand in hand to stop the smuggling of dogs in their respective states in India.

    She suggested the police department to enforce strict vigil at the check posts on highways and in forest areas in every part of the states to combat this issue.

    “There is a need of some awareness camp amongst the public. If the public gives attention then definitely these poor souls will get help. Also, people need to change their mindset and adopt these homeless voiceless indie dogs. For that government will also have to give some facilities to the public,” Fowzia suggested.

    Fowzia further thanked the Golaghat police and appreciated the rescue operation, claiming that there is a need for more and kind-hearted persons in society.

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