“One day we Muslims will also attack, just give us sometime.” Ex-AIUDF MLA

Guwahati, November 28: Ex-MLA AIUDF MLA, Sheikh Alom claimed that now Muslims are more in the state and so far in 70 years they have been defensive but one day they will attack as well.

Alom made this statement in presence of AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal but Ajmal did not support his statement and said that the party did not support it either and condemned the same.

Alom during the public meeting said that since 1199-1897 Muslims ruled the country but Hindus never faced any problem but in 70 years rule the Muslims have been facing discrimination and alleged that there was a conspiracy against the Muslims.

He claimed that time is the best leveller and one day the Muslims will attack too if they are discriminated like this. They just need some time.

Alom further added that when a BJP member says that the Muslims should be shot just like Myanmar then no one seems to care. But, when Arshad Madani said that Assam might face a Myanmar like situation if more than 50 lakh people are deprived of their rights by removing them from the NRC then a huge everyone seemed to be concerned and a huge uproar was seen in the country.

He added, “But we (Muslims) will not move to Bangladesh, we would rather move to China or Burma”.

After the incident, Sheikh Shah Alom officially resigned from the party. The AIUDF later clarified their stand in the matter in a press statement and alleged that they believed that it was Alom’s purported conspiracy to defame the party and also alleged that they believed he was being used by the Congress party.