Elephant with chopped trunk along with calf found dead in KA

Golaghat, December 6:  Over the past few months, regular elephant deaths are being reported from various locations of Assam and this time two deaths were reported from Karbi Anglong’s Rangsali. One of the elephants’ trunk was chopped by some unknown miscreant.

A full grown female elephant and its 6 months old calf were found dead in the bordering area of Golaghat and Karbi Anglong. Locals saw the carcasses this morning and immediately they informed the forest department.

The locals said that the trunk of the adult female was missing and they suspect someone might have taken away the trunk for consumption.

However, forest sources informed that the cause of death is still not known and the cause can be ascertained only after the post-mortem reports arrive.

It may be mentioned that over the past few months regular elephant deaths have been reported.

A forest source said, “The elephant deaths have been increasing day by day and one of the main causes have been electrocution these days. The elephants usually move into the human inhabitant areas in search of food and most of the time these elephants are seen invading paddy fields and so, the many people try to save their fields from these jumbos by putting up electric fences or wires.”

He added that in this case no such conditions were seen but things will be clear after the reports come out.