Every time NEUFC loses a match I cry: John Abraham

John Abraham

By Mohsin Khaiyam

Guwahati, November 14: Bollywood Star John Abraham and owner of NorthEast United FC on Tuesday said that every time North East United FC loses any match he cries. Although he was born and brought up in July, his heart belongs here in Northeast.

John Abraham during the launch of the NEUFC’s home and away kit for the upcoming campaign here in Guwahati said that soon a state of the art Football Academy will be set up here in Assam if the state government allots the land as being discussed. He added that talks are being held with Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma regarding this and they are very positive to promote the potential of the youths in Assam.

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John speaking about the matches said, “I cry every time we lose a match. I born and brought up in Mumbai but my heart belongs here in Northeast. Football is a religion for the people of Northeast.”

He added “I have always believed that success is a result of preparation, perspiration and a lot of hard work. My club, North East United, has one mantra: We sweat to win. Every goal we score, every victory we earn, is a product of our sweat. We train very hard to be in the best condition to win.”

He further added that all young and ambitious athletes out there should remember one thing whatever goals they have, ‘greatness’ is set in sweat. And, sweat looks good on you.