Fashion & Frills: Decoding Devlina

    Fashion influencer Devlina Bhattacharya on her journey as content creator in fashion and beauty industry


    Be it from décor to recipes and from places to travel to things to buy – social media is gaining immense importance in every netizens’ day to day life. Fashion, food, travel or shopping – the influence of social media can’t be denied.

    With fashion becoming a popular profession today, it has given birth to influencers on social media who have been promoting various fashion brands and making a name for themselves on digital platforms like Instagram.

    One such fashion influencer is 26-year-old Devlina Bhattacharya. Now settled in Guwahati, she is a content creator and has always been a fashion enthusiast.

    Photo credit: __devlina__

    “Fashion influencers might look all glam but in order to achieve even 1K engagement on your Instagram post, a lot of hard work and planning goes into it,” says Devlina, who is also a qualified engineer.

    With 46.1K followers, Devlina’s Instagram feed features a carefully curated dope of her travels, brand collaborations and of course, her personal tips on fashion.

    Read on as we talk to her about how she got started, the perks of being a fashion and lifestyle influencer, her fashion obsessions and so much more.

    How it all started…

    Devlina: Friends, family and my lovely audience – they have been my biggest motivation. The thing that sparked my interest was when I started getting good feedback.  And, as I always wanted to have a career in fashion, I thought, Instagram would be a great platform to learn new things every day, show my creativity and also have a potential career all at the same time. 

    I started using Instagram actively and in a more professional way about two years ago. My Instagram is all about authenticity. I always try to post stuff I’d like to see if I were a follower. 

    Photo credit: __devlina__

    Perks of being your own boss

    Devlina: The best part of my job is that I am my own boss. I get to plan my own content and schedule my shoots. But sometimes, I have to work on Sundays or holidays as well.

    I am an engineer by qualification and tried doing a 9 to 5 job but soon I realized that it is not my cup of tea. Some people don’t consider social media influencing a legit job. They don’t see what goes into the production of the content we publish.

    Where’s the money, honey

    I don’t think everyone realizes that you can make a good living by being a social media influencer. But, it’s not true. I make good money too. It’s a constant hustle. You have to constantly prove that you’re worth it. There are a lot of people in this business and the standard is way too high. 

    Current fashion obsession

    Devlina: Bodycon dresses, because I like the way they hug me and I believe, it will never go out of style. Besides, my current obsessions include 90’s barrettes and novelty clips, coloured eyeliners, pearl bags and clear/transparent block heels.

    Fashion inspiration

    Devlina: Undoubtedly, Audrey Hepburn.

    Fashion disaster, any?

    Devlina: I’ve always tried to look my best since my school days. But when I look at the old photographs now, some of my outfits seem to be major fashion blunders. The thing is, trends change with time. Some trends came back and some didn’t. The outfit that is a disaster for me now wasn’t a disaster back then and made me feel good about myself at one point of time. So, I think, it’s okay.

    Photo credit: __devlina__

    Body positivity?

    Devlina: Body positivity means accepting my body with all its curves, rolls, lumps and bumps. All bodies are worthy of love, of existing, of being valued. Everyone deserves to feel happy in their skin and talk about it.

    Things you miss

    Devlina: Childhood. I was brought up in Shillong and I believe I had the best childhood.  No anxiety. No worries. Life was simpler back then. My childhood recollections are those of a sheltered and carefree life, nurtured with love and concern. Being the only child, I got all the attention that I needed.  It was a very happy childhood. I truly feel very blessed. 

    Photo credit: __devlina__

    Tips for newbies

    Devlina: Go for it if it suits your personality and you are passionate about it. One needs to focus more on the content because at the end of the day content is the king. It’s not an overnight success. It will take time. You have to be patient in this industry. But, please don’t give up. Keep believing in yourself.