Food items from Myanmar & Bangladesh to be strictly scrutinized by Manipur

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By Shabana Islam Laskar

Imphal, January 11: The food products coming from Myanmar and Bangladesh to be strictly scrutinized before they get an entry in Manipur.

Reportedly, State Health Minister L Jayantakumar Singh has said that from now all the food items that are imported from neighboring countries will be checked for quality and other food safety reasons.

The above decision related to strict checking of the food items coming from bordering countries has been adopted to ensure proper safety verification. The labels attached along with the products coming from outside are in there local language which becomes difficult for Indian officials to read and understand.

Due to local language issue reportedly many safety guidelines had been ignored while importing food from Myanmar and Bangladesh. As Manipur shares border with Myanmar and Bangladesh, it imports a huge amount of packaged food from these countries.

Reportedly, date of manufacturing, date of expiration, ingredients, nutritional value of the item and other details of the products imported will be thoroughly checked and verified by the officials now.