From Tilpitha To Masor Tenga. Check Out Traditional Axomiya Dishes To Celebrate Rongali Bihu


Guwahati, April 13, 2019

The much-awaited Rongali Bihu is here and the people of Assam have geared up to celebrate the spring festival with pomp and gaiety.

Markets in the city wore a festive look on the occasion of the Rongali Bihu. People thronged the markets to shop for Bihu delicacies on April 13th, 2019. All markets in the city have been decorated for Bihu, also know as Bohag Bihu

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Uzan Bazaar market, Ganeshguri market, Paltan Bazar market, Pan Bazar market, witnessed a heavy rush of customers. People were busy purchasing gamusa, larupitha, curd, jaggery and alike.

This Bihu is synonymous to having a grand feast with the near and dear ones. On Rongali Bihu, people visit their friends and families and celebrate it with feasts, music and dancing. They also hang brass, copper or silver pots on poles in front of their house. So that you could relish your Bihu this season, we have lined up some amazing traditional dishes. Enjoy!


This is one of the important dishes for the people of Assam, not just because of it being a traditional dish but because of its health benefits. Khar is prepared with raw papaya, pulses and other ingredients. They are then filtered in water through dried banana peel’s extract. It is similar to sodium bicarbonate. Its aroma adds taste to the dish. This is the first course of an Assamese meal, which is eaten along with steamed rice.


Assamese loves to have their xaak, it consists of all sorts of green leafy vegetables. As per traditional beliefs, the night before the main fest, the Assamese are supposed to eat 101 different varieties of green leafy vegetables.


Be is aloo, begena or egg, Assamese folks love to have this dish with rice. Most importantly one can find this in an Assamese thali as a side dish. It is prepared with mashed potatoes or with mashed eggplant, mixed with raw mustard oil, finely chopped green chillies and onions.

Masor Tenga

Assam is a predominantly fish-eating state with 90 per cent of its population being fish eaters. Icing of the cake is the delicious delicacies made with the item. Masor Tenga in Assam is not just a dish it is also an emotion. Great for summer, this dish is made of fish with slices of tomato/lemon/elephant apple. It also forms an integral part of the Assamese cuisine. The most infamous Assamese fish dish is Masor Tenga. Several kinds of souring agents are used to make the curry.


You cannot do away without relishing the traditional jolpan. In case you have sweet tooth, this dish is a ‘bowl of goodness’ and is considered to be an important traditional delicacy. Mostly eaten during the Bihu festivities, it is made out of moist flattened rice mixed with curd, cream and jaggery is a local favourite.

Pork with Laai Xaak

Assamese, have a soft corner for pork and they love to have this meat with mustard greens. The dish is cook with finely chopped pork mixed with mustard greens with very less amount of mustard oil.


Just like the Bhogali Jolpan, Bihu will be incomplete without having a pitha. Prepared at almost every Assamese household, this delicacy is a combination of sticky rice, sesame seeds and jaggery/sugar and so on.