Get Ready! ‘Priyaar Priyo’ is on its way to steal your hearts!


Guwahati, October 11: We thought we should wait till the first poster is unveiled, the one you are seeing above is just a tease. But, we couldn’t contain the excitement any longer and just had to share this with you:

TIME8 is the ‘Official Online Media Partner’ of the much awaited- Priyaar Priyo!

And we are excited for so many reasons!

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Firstly, of course, the Director is a major reason behind this excitement.

Can anybody ever forget the kind of turnaround ‘Hiya Diya Niya’ brought to the otherwise slow pace of Assamese Commercial Cinema?

He works magic, this man- Munin Barua or Bhaimon Da as so many of us fondly refer to him as! Priyaar Priyo is his 14th movie.

His movies are always so entertaining, yet have subtle messages for the audience. His works cherish and celebrate family values, friendship, simplicity…the list goes on.

The next reason behind our excitement is the iconic Zubeen Garg in a RomCom! Barua and Garg had worked together last in the movie ‘Dinabandhu’ which was loved by the masses and critics alike, pretty sure that will happen in this movie as well.

He is the uncontested King of Romance, no doubt about that. And Priyaar Priyo has Zubeen in a very lovable role which the makers guarantee, will make us laugh out loud!

Gunjan and Biki, meanwhile, are sure to leave girls (and aunties too!) swooning. Regional Television’s ‘Girl Next Door’ Sunita Kaushik stars alongside them, bringing the much needed sweetness into the mix. Also, we are as excited about Aradhana Buragohain’s debut as the actress herself. She plays a pivotal role, but we won’t be telling you much about the story right now!

For that you have to keep watching this space. We just might throw hints of which one of the three heroes will finally be ‘Priyaar Priyo’! We will talk a little more about the rest of the cast too, soon.

We promise to bring you snippets, soon, from the movie which releases on the 10th of November- just like we did before ‘Mission China’ hit the theatres!
For now, enjoy this video that the crew made with Zubeen Garg during the shoot of one of the songs from Priyaar Priyo recently. Enjoy!