Ghy Youths should not have gone there so late: Retd IAS Officer JI Kathar

Guwahati/Dokmoka, June 14: Immediately after the horrific Karbi Anglong lynching incident’s prime accused were arrested, a public prayer and meeting was held at Dokmoka, but the meeting turned out to be a bit violent after retired IAS officer, Jones Ingti Kathar stated that the boys died because they went there very late.

Speaking at the meeting, Kathar stated that the whole incident took place they went to the location very late. Due to this, they were attacked on suspicion of being child abductors.

He added that moreover Karbi Anglong is a tribal area that falls under the 6th schedule and so there might be incidents where non-tribals might be doubted.

He also added that all the accused belonging to tribal communities were named in the media but one non-tribal named Binod Lahkar was not named by the media. He claimed this to be a conspiracy.

Following these statements by the retired IAS officer, an uproar took place among the people who attended the meeting but ULFA Leader Jiten Dutta was present at the location succeeded in controlling the situation.

He asked the people present there to stay alert and not to believe any fake news or reports that they might come across.