GMC running short of Garbage collecting vehicles?

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Guwahati, February 28: At a time when the Guwahati Municipal Corporation is showing promptness in making Guwahati garbage free before the monsoons, a startling fact regarding the vehicles used in the process has come to light.

As per reports, the vehicles used for collecting garbage are in a deplorable state. Reportedly, around 95 vehicles comprising excavators, garbage dumpers, garbage compactors, trucks, sweeping machine, pick up cars and various others are in a dilapidated condition.

As per GMC authorities, out of 17 excavators, 6 are completely out of order, 14 dumper trucks out of 33 TATA and different branded dumper trucks are completely in  damaged state, 6 among the 22 compactors are also not functioning while 2 out of the 3 sweeping machines used for cleaning the drains are reportedly damaged.

Likewise, 8 among the 13 water supplying tankers are also reportedly out of order. Meanwhile, in a recently held meeting, the GMC along with the District Administration has decided to initiate a cleanliness drive from March 1 and end it within 45 days before the arrival of monsoons to avoid the frequent flash floods occurring in the city.

Reportedly, an anxious Mayor, Mrigen Saikia showed his concern regarding the vehicles used for the cleanliness drive as a maximum number of vehicles are out of order which will hence pose as a vital cause in delaying their motive.

As per additional reports, out of 264 vehicles, 98 are in a completely damaged condition which hints at the certain hindrance in their work process.

It may be noted here that, the GMC has claimed that due to the absence of a Mechanical department, they are facing an immense crisis as the once broken or slightly damaged vehicles have to be rejected straightaway as they cant be repaired and re-used.

It will be noteworthy to watch how the concerned authorities who have made their minds to clean the city before the monsoons to avoid flash floods overcome the challenge of lesser vehicles and work as per their plan.