Govt Vacancies and a Kinsmen Policy ail Nagaland

Kevitho Kera

Following the trend of ministers in Nagaland filling government vacancies in each department with their own kinsmen without following recruitment procedures, I urge my Angami minister Dr. Nicky Kire  appoint only Angamis on vacancies arising in Rural Development Department. Read as highly tinged with sarcasm and a generous brush of frustration!

Backdoor appointment, Nepotism and Tribalism are cancerous.

Imagine if every minister fills each department they take charge of with their own tribesmen in Nagaland! With the present trend it will happen, full blown.

Isn’t quality workforce getting compromised? Isn’t merit being trampled upon? Will this not have evil ramifications for Nagas in the long run?

How myopic have Nagas become! Alas! Our future is doomed!

Nagas, kindly do not complain of bad governance if you support such misdeeds, your sick mindset is the reason Nagaland has become like a war rape victim, raped by everyone at gunpoint.

This has to end and it starts with each Naga saying ‘no’ to such dirty opportunities that comes their way.

It starts with individual change. Only then, can a holistic change happen.

If your kitchen is dirty, don’t bother pointing out the cobwebs in the distant mansion.

You and I are the change. Once you and I change, then we become a reason or inspiration for our neighbours to change.

Think about it Nagas.

Kevitho is a social activist based in Dimapur.

(This is an opinion piece and the views expressed above are the author’s own. TIME8 neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)