GST yet to be imposed on boulders exported from Manipur

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Aizwal, January 12: It has been reported that no GST have been imposed on boulders exported through Jibiram by two Assam based contractors. With the implementation of GST across the entire country, while imposing taxes on all trade items, sources have revealed that GST applicable to forest products are yet to be imposed on items shipped away from Manipur through Jibiram.

Reportedly, with the DDO of Jibiram DFO yet to get PAN, GST registration remains pending, considering which, the DFO is unable to impose GST on boulders exported through Jibiram. In this view, no GST has been charged on trainloads of boulders being shipped away by two Assam based contractors who have been sending away trainloads boulders through Jiribam.

It needs to be further mentioned that the two Assam based contractors have been exporting boulders from the areas of Makru and Nung Dolan with due permission of the Forest Department preceding the State Environment and Impact Assessment Authority granted stone quarrying permission in 2013-14.

Furthermore, it has been reported that that the permission of exporting 5000 cubic meters of boulder/stones along with a royalty 50 percent higher than the local rate is imposed on shipping away boulders from the State. The royalty thereby earned is accrued to the State exchequer. Other forest products shipped from Jibiram include broom plants, cane, bamboo, and so on Other such forest produces include bamboo, cane, broom plant and so on.