Gunotsav-II | Headmaster unaware of India’s President and PM, Teacher on paid leave for 8 months


Silchar, October 11: Guardians of the students of 763-Maguracherra lower primary school in southern Assam’s Karimganj district have demanded stern action against a teacher for allegedly being absent for the past eight months.

Bhanumati Das, who works as an assistant teacher, has allegedly been on leave without any permission from the school authorities for the past eight months.

Speaking about the matter, guardians said the teacher had not been coming to the school for the past eight months owing to which lessons were being hampered and students are facing problems. The teacher is on leave without even any permission and has been getting her salary sitting at home, they alleged.

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The school falls under Ramakrishna Nagar education block, around 110km from here.

The guardians also alleged that another teacher (arranged by Bhanumati in exchange of money) had been doing the duty in her place. The matter has come to light in the recent past, they said.

At a time when the government is taking initiatives like Gunotsav to improve the education system in schools, teachers like Das are shoving the students towards doom, they rued.

Sources said the Block Elementary Education Officer (BEEO) Madhab Saha had conducted an inspection in this regard, which revealed that the allegation was true. The BEEO has assured the guardians that necessary action will be taken against the teacher.

A section of guardians also expressed dissatisfaction over the role of the BEEO for not taking any action against the teacher despite carrying out the inspection around one month ago. They also suspected that the teacher had been playing truant with the help of the BEEO.

The head-master of the school Bijoy Jadav said he had been striking her (Das) absent in the attendance register for the past three months. He hoped the BEEO would take necessary action soon regarding the issue.

She was not available for her reaction over the matter.

In yet another similar instance, the headmaster of a Dholai based government school of the same district lacks even the basic general knowledge one can expect.

Is to mention that even on the inspection day of Gunotsav in the school, hardly three students were present in the classroom.

The name of the school is 1095 No. Hatimara School of Narasinghpur education block located in the Dholai constituency of Cachar district.

The shocked external, Faizul Islam was told that the headmaster Taz Uddin Laskar, hardly comes to the school and also the teachers are on NRC duty.

“Our children do not go the school because the teachers do not come to the school”, said one of the guardian.

The external who went for the school evaluation asked the headmaster some basic general knowlegde, to which the headmaster was totally numb.

He failed to answer the basic questions like who is the President of India, who is the Prime Minister of India, who is the Education Minister of Assam, which is the biggest river of Assam among others

Expired packets of spices were also found during the inspection.