Guwahati-bound bus caught fire mid way near Orang


Sonitpur, November 22: A Guwahati bound bus today caught fire while still moving near Orang in Sonitpur district at around 1.20 PM.

Attempts to douse the fire went futile as the inferno gutted down the vehicle bearing registration number AS-13-C-7181 that had started from Tezpur.

According to people inside the bus, after traversing about 63 km, smoke started coming out of the cabin of the bus (Below which, the engine of buses are generally placed) and soon, caught fire.

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The driver, immediately parked the bus to the side, and all the near 50 passengers evacuated the bus. Fortunately, nobody got hurt or injured except minor respiratory troubles of those who were near the cabin.

The panicked passengers informed the Dhekiajuli fire and emergency services, about 30 km from the site of incident, that rushed and tamed the fire.

Dhekiajuli police suspected that the bus caught the blaze due to technical glitch.