Guwahati Man says he wants to Test Drive, runs away with Car!

Guwahati, March 13: In a sensational incident, one unidentified miscreant tricked employees of a Car Showroom and stole away a Car in the name of test driving.

According to reports, the miscreant had come over to the showroom at Borbari in Guwahati that sells used cars and expressed his desire to test drive a car.

During the test drive, an employee of the showroom had accompanied the person but he tricked him somehow and managed to get the employee off the car following which he sped off from the site.

The stolen car is an Alto bearing no AS01 BE 8673.

Investigation is on and the Police are trying to trace the stolen car and the man, said Police sources. This might be one of the new modus operandi used by Car Thieves to steal cars, further said Police sources.