Guwahati youth files FIR against Cops at Hatigaon Police Station Alleging Harassment

Guwahati, February 26: In yet another incident of police harassment, two city youths were allegedly beaten and mishandled by the In-charge of Hatigaon traffic department and his colleagues.

On Sunday night, the two youths were stopped by the traffic officials along with their motorbike. Due to the unavailability of proper papers, they were fined to the tune of Rs 2000. The fiasco started when a high-end luxury car crossing near, started misbehaving with the cops and speeded away. One of the youth after witnessing this questioned the police about their inability to stop these so-called rich and influential people.

Talking to TIME8, one of the youth on the condition of anonymity, said, “We were stopped by the cops and they imposed a fine of Rs 2000 due to lack of complete papers. We paid the fine and at that time, a high-end luxury car speeded through the road. The people inside, under the influence of alcohol, started misbehaving with the police by using slang language. I simply asked that why cannot the police teach these rich and influential people a lesson. Why only simple people like us have to face the wrath of police every time? For this question, the In-charge of Hatigaon traffic department started thrashing me very badly and even tore my t-shirt while assaulting me throughout. Everything is recorded in the CCTV camera. They cannot deny it.”

However, the officer-in-charge of Hatigaon Police Station, Loknath Deka talking to TIME8 said, “this matter is being uselessly given a widespread publicity. Whatever these two boys have written in the complaint does not stand any chance of even filing a case on our officer. Moreover, the youths misbehaved with an on-duty officer and I think it is not a matter that needs to be sensationalised.”