HBS requests China to share Hydrological data

Guwahati, August 23: China has not shared hydrological data with India and this is a major worry said Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday.

Sarma, through a press conference appealed to China to share the hydrological data as was agreed with India. He said this issue has been raised in various national media but it has not received enough attention here in Assam.

He said that although the external affairs ministry had so far maintained that it was “premature” to link it with flood in Assam but the matter cannot be ignored. “China as per the agreement with India was bound to share the information of the hydrological data with India during the flood season from May 15 to October 15 but so far they for some mysterious conditions have not shared any data”, he added.

He added that the intellectuals in Assam were busy in discussing names and thus they did not notice the issue.

He added, “We request you (China) to share the hydrological data so that we get the idea as to why the flood has hit Assam like this.”

Sarma hinted that the flood may be because of China. He stated that there was no unnatural rainfall in the state or region but as the flood happened all of a sudden; the issue may be linked with China.