Heartwarming Mizoram Boy’s Chicken Story Attracts PETA, To Be Honoured With Award

Aizawl, April 19, 2019

The six-year-old kid from Mizoram who had won millions of hearts for his heartwarming gesture of treating an injured chicken with his pocket money has finally got recognition from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Derek C Lalchhanhima from Sairang, Mizoram, had accidentally run over his neighbour’s chicken with his cycle. The kid immediately went to the nearby hospital taking the chicken for medical assistance with whatever money he had. The way Derek showed empathy and innocence towards the animal won the hearts of the netizens as a Facebook post went viral earlier this month gaining attention across the globe.

As per reports, Derek will be honoured with ‘Compassionate Kid Award’ for his act of compassion that made headlines across the country.

The story was first posted on Facebook by a username ‘Sanga Says’, it was later picked up by different media houses. The boy in a blue T-Shirt and black pant was seen holding a 10 rupee note on his right hand and the chicken on his left hand. The post on Sanga’s profile has more than 78,000 shares and more than 10,000 comments.

Derek was also awarded by his school authorities with a traditional shawl and certificate.