Here’s the schedule for Rongali! Book your dates

By Shabana Islam Laskar

Guwahati, January 8: As one of the biggest festival of Assam, Bhogali Bihu is approaching and everyone in the State are excited to celebrate it, Rongali tourism festival is here with a huge three days extravaganza starting from January 19 and will continue till 21st in Sankardev Kalakhetra in Guwahati, which is the main venue for the event.

On January 19th Rongali is organising several programmes and the day will start with Boat Race in Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati which will begin from morning 10 am and will continue till 2 pm in the evening.

Simultaneously from 11 am onwards Rongali National Rock Battle will be held until 4 pm in the evening at Panjabari.

Meanwhile, the cultural programmes will be organized at Shankardev Kalakhetra from 2 pm to 10 pm at night. The programmes will include the cultural folk dances of different tribes of Assam, Ankia/Mukha Bhaona, Art competition, dance competition, handloom and handicraft exhibition, ethnic food festival, photography exhibition followed by doodle & live art exhibition. From 5 pm onwards the evening will be occupied with the fashion show and music performances.

The schedule of events will be same for day 2 and day 3 at the main venue of the festival.

The artist’s line-up for the event will be;

On Day 1(Jan 19th): M brother SH, Neel Akash and Kusum Kailash

On Day 2 (Jan 20th): Doorbin  Moniraj Hazarika, Nilotpal Bora & friends ASWEKEEPSEARCHING and Raghu Dixit Project Zubeen Garg

On Day 3 (Jan 21st): Anubhav Dutta Zublee Baruah & Band, The Local Train Papon and NUCLEYA