Higher studies in Delhi? Sanjukta Parashar to the rescue

It’s that time of the year again when students move to the metros for admissions. And parents spend sleepless nights worrying about the safety of their wards all alone in the big cities.

But for those parents whose wards are moving to Delhi, they can kiss worry goodbye as they can arrange for the best local guardian the state can ever think of! IPS officer Sanjukta Parashar who is currently making us proud as the SP of NIA and will be in the National Capital for a period of atleast four years and has offered her help and assistance. She writes she is middle aged enough to be the local guardian and offer help or advice. On a lighter note, Parashar adds she won’t be delivering pizza’s!

This is what she wrote on her Facebook page:

“I saw something about pepper spray, nail cutters, chilli powder and pens as safety measures for new students in the newspaper today. I know its a harrowing time for students who have taken admission in Delhi for higher studies. I know it must be absolutely scary for the parents. I can’t predict the future but I can always help. I am here in Delhi for a while and so parents and students from Assam now in Delhi for studies, stay and progress, who need any advice or help or anything (no, I don’t deliver pizza, but I’m middle-aged enough to be a local guardian) please do inbox me your number and I will get back to you. Best wishes to everyone.”(sic.).

She is so one of the most feared police officers in recent times and dozens of girls aspire to follow her footsteps. She is witty and gorgeous and we love her for all the courage and bravery we’ve seen over the years. This caring side to her only makes us like her even more!