Hiren Gohain shouldn’t have gone to the Delhi Meeting: Harekrishna Deka

By Harekrishna Deka

What Maulana Syed Arshad Madani said in Delhi, capturing a platform by fooling its organizers is highly communally provocative. It looks like the organizers fell into a trap led by Arshad Madani who took full opportunity of the platform in spreading communal references.

Those agitating in support of his clever call will only be inviting serious disturbance. Reacting against this in the same manner also will be disastrous. All stakeholders should ensure that they do not fall for this kind of provocation and ensure that public order is maintained.

NRC is an exercise to exclude only the foreign nationals from the national political process and not Indian citizens. Moreover, Madani also intends to convey a highly motivated communal message by polarising the environment.

Madani should have known that the NRC exercise is going on under the supervision of the Honorable Supreme Court and accordingly he should have checked his facts before making such provocative statements.

Several people have failed in producing proper valid documents thereafter. Moreover, Panchayat documentation process cannot be used as a valid document since the birth certificate or any other document before 1971 cannot be proved by a system as a valid document that came into existence in the year 1992.

Although, this is not my decision to point out the fact, this decision was made by Honourable Gauhati High Court which everyone should respect. However, certain people have appealed to Supreme Court and now we must wait for the final verdict.

Madani has hijacked the platform and it is unfortunate that the organizing committee has allowed him to do it. The organizers were so naive and unfortunately people going from Assam were also victimized by this and become a puppet of the conspiracy.

When Supreme court is supervising on the amendment of the NRC, nobody has got the right to speak on the matter. The verdict will be strictly monitored by the Supreme Court and the matter is sub-judice.

Also, the meeting itself shouldn’t have been held in Delhi, which I feel was unnecessary.
The platform which was to highlight the NRC issue among the national audience has become a platform for a person to communalize the matter.

Apart from this, Hiren Gohain has also become the centre of controversy and come into a very embarrassing situation.

Although, Hiren Gohain has no intention of provoking the people of Assam, he was there for a cause, but since the NRC issue is supervised by the Supreme Court, I personally feel that the meeting was not required to be held in New Delhi at this point of time. Gohain had taken a wrong decision by going into the meeting and then he fell into the trap.

I feel this was a misjudgment from his part to go there and attend the meeting which has hit his image very badly. People of Assam are condemning him now and he should come out with a strong clarification into the matter soon. He should also condemn the matter and every media should highlight this as well.

Harekrishna Deka was a former member of the Indian Police Service who is now known for his writing.