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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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    How To Travel Light? Check Out These Pro-Tips From Ankita Konwar

    Check out these master tips to get through all the exasperating process of travelling

    We all love travelling, don’t we? But how many of us really like the whole long process of boarding the flight. There is no denying that one of the biggest travel-time nuisances is the constant worries about your overweight luggage. Right from packing your bag to carrying it all through the journey till you check into your hotel room, it’s a whole lot of hassle, especially when you are travelling alone and long-distance. But what if we bring you master tips to get through all the exasperating process of travelling with your travel essentials.

    If you have been following Indian model Milind Soman’s wife, Ankita Konwar on Instagram for a while now, you know better that she is a big-time wanderlust. She travels a LOT! Just this last month Mrs. Soman went for a long holidaying.

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    How many of you hate the whole process of boarding your plane? Luggage problems? So if you have been following me for a while now, you know that I travel A LOT! Just this last month I traveled from #mumbai to #iceland to #chicago to #vietnam to #guwahati to #pune to #lonavla and well I’m still in transit. And before that I was in #tanzania and #ladakh . The whole point here is that I traveled everywhere with the same “luggage” that I’m carrying here in the pictures. Swipe left to see the size 😛 I never have to check-in my “luggage” hence checking in is really easy (three cheers for web check-in) and getting out of the plane or the airport doesn’t take much time. I make sure that all my liquid items are exact or less than 100gm so no unnecessary arguments with any officials. Also I sort out my toiletries and make-up in small pouches inside the backpack so it helps me move faster at the airport security especially in Europe. When I get a few hours in a city as a halt I can go out without “where will I keep my luggage now” kind of anxiety. Growing up in hostels and also traveling so much have really taught me how to pack absolute necessary items instead of the drama we usually go through for packing 😜 (you know what I’m talking about) It’s easier for the airlines as well, especially on board, trust me I know (personal experience)😆 There are just so many perks of traveling light that you have to experience it to know it! Haha it’s too often that people come to me to pick up my “luggage” and get shocked when I say don’t worry I’ve got this. They say – that’s all you’re carrying?! Well yes and you can do it too if you’re not already doing it. Make sure to choose your bag wisely.Trust me, those extra few pockets actually help!! Pack ONLY the things that you will need hence it’s imperial that you check the weather beforehand. Read up a little about the place you’re traveling to so that would minimise the surprises. Ditch that whole idea where people say, girls don’t know how to travel light 🙄 . . #traveltuesday #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaythoughts #travelgram #instamood #instagood #travelbloggers #travellight

    A post shared by Ankita Konwar (@ankita_earthy) on

    Ankita took to Instagram recently to post a picture of her outside Kilimanjaro airport and another of her hiking with her backpack. There she shared some pretty clever ways of how she has been travelling continuously for months without going through the headache of heavy luggage. She revealed that she travels with only one check-in bag ditching that whole idea of people saying “girls don’t know how to travel light.”

    Photo credit: @ankita_earthy
    • She travels with only one check-in bag with the same luggage inside.
    • She never has to check-in her “luggage”. She opts for web check-in which makes getting out of the plane or the airport much much easier.
    • She makes sure that all her liquid items are exact or less than 100gm to avoid unnecessary arguments during the security check at the airport.
    Photo credit: @ankita_earthy
    • She packs her toiletries and make-up in small pouches inside the backpack so as to move faster at the airport security, especially in Europe.
    • She checks the weather beforehand and packs ONLY the things that she will need.
    • Research well about the place before you travel to minimise the surprises.
    Photo credit: @ankita_earthy

    Weren’t these tips an eye-opener? For us, it was and we are surely gonna use these tips to fly at ease with a lighter pack next time.



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