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“Humanity is at stake?”

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It’s always easy to judge from afar unless you are in that basket and know what the actual scenario is. I guess being quarantined for almost 14 days has taught me that even believing what you see and hear is wrong. The ultimate truth here is experience.

Now I am wondering, why people run away from the Quarantine Centre? Why are they always complaining about small things like food, water, electricity and cleanliness? Why we always find people sitting or playing in groups inside the quarantine centre? Why we find people walking around without wearing masks?

This is not because people are least concerned about their health or there is something else more important for them. Rather, the real culprit is the fear that we go through while surviving in the quarantine centre which leads to aggressiveness, frustration, depression, irritation, anger, anxiety and whatnot.

It’s not easy to be isolated in an unknown place between unknown faces and with a fear that surrounds you 24X7. There is the fear of being infected, the fear of going through painful tests, fear of being hospitalized and ultimately the fear of dead (due to lack of awareness about the virus).

Do you know what this fear does? Creates a distance between two individuals, makes you selfish and destroys the power of differentiating between right and wrong.

I’ve always been very disappointed with all those strange acts of public doing the round all over the news and social media. Trust me without even wasting a minute, I judged them, blamed them, poured uncountable comments on them. I guess we all did, that’s human nature.

Let me tell you a minor example or say my first experience after I travelled from Biswanath Chariali to another state (name not to be mentioned). Once I completed all the formalities here before being quarantined, I was asked to send back my driver as they had their own vehicle which was in charge to transfer public from the check gate to the quarantine centre. I was standing alone with my luggage, had no option but to wait to bear that extreme heat. After the vehicle arrived, the driver got down and asked me to load my luggage inside the car. I couldn’t understand him at that point until he moved away from the car and started gossiping with his friends.

He literally left me there with two luggage of around 30 to 45 kgs each. I was quietly waiting for him when he again signalled me regarding my luggage and that’s when I got the hint. I understood that he was not ready to touch my luggage at any cost. I felt so helpless, trying hard to load my luggage when around 10 to 15 people were present there. My anger was at its peak but somehow I managed.

And since then I have seen many such actions and reactions from people who have somewhere or other changed my perception regarding various issues. You know why? Because it’s too easy to judge then to face it practically.

I hope things will be better in the upcoming days, but the problem is not that. The worst is the implications which will be a never-ending one.

I request everyone, don’t let humanity go down. Take all the safety measures but at least don’t distance people from your heart. If someone is really suffering, trust me they need love and support. You might not be affected with corona but guilt is again the deadliest disease.

And for those who are quarantined, have patience because this too shall pass. Try not to be aggressive and cooperate with the government principles

The writer is a teacher from Biswanath Chariali (Assam)

The views expressed by the writer are personal and may not in any way represent those of TIME8.