“I can play football now”, says 60 year old recipient of world’s smallest pacemaker

Guwahati, July 20: On the 19th of July, a 60 year old man, Taleswar Hazam from Sibsagar, Assam became the first from Northeast India to receive the smallest leadless pacemaker in the world.

He was suffering from irregular heart blocks, and only after a series of tests, the doctor advised him to go for a leadless pacemaker instead of the traditional one.

Dr. Chinmoy Mazumdar of Hayat Hospital, Guwahati successfully conducted the implantation and made the announcement on Wednesday.

The patient was prone to intermittent heart blocks, in which once in a while his heart would stop functioning that led to dizziness and blackouts.

This lead pacemaker is of the most advanced technology and is only one-tenth the size of the traditional pacemaker. It is implanted directly in the heart providing a safe alternative to conventional pacemakers without the related complications.

On speaking to Time8 exclusively, Hazam seemed quite energetic post surgery and sounded happy about his condition. He is hopeful about living a better life, and claimed he is fit enough to play football now!

This leadless pacemaker has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the requirements are less in comparison to the conventional heart pacemakers.