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Friday, May 14, 2021

    Immunity & Fit India- The Way Forward From Covid-19

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 12, 2020, in his address to the nation has categorically mentioned that Covid-19 will remain in our life for a stretch of time, but we have to move forward by protecting ourselves.

    The Prime Minister’s analysis on long term impact of novel coronavirus has pointed further for firmly following authorities’ guidelines on social distancing along with developing a superior immunity.

    So, it is high time to bestow our values to the proverbs like ‘Health is wealth’ as deadly Covid-19 have changed the whole outlook of the urgency to maintain sound health through physical work out and consuming vivid food supplements to boost our immune system.

    Moreover, most of the medical fraternity across the globe including the World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that the Covid-19 will persist in the community like dengue and HIV. Although countries like America, Israel, Britain, China, Italy has asserted to achieve major back through in trail stages of Covid-19 vaccine preparation, till date,  India is not been able to divulge any cemented development in terms of Covid-19 vaccine formation.

    However, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is working in partnering with Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech to develop a fully indigenous vaccine for Covid-19 on fast-track approach to accomplish both animal & human trails.

    If we look back in the timeline of polio vaccine development, then we are able to trace from the history that, it took 15 years of marathon time to deliver the curable vaccine. Although, the present medical science research & development methodologies are more technology-driven, despite that, as per the health experts it will take minimum 12-18 months of time to make available of Covid-19 vaccine in the public health service system.

    Taking note of the timeline of Covid-19 vaccine availability, it is utmost important to be physically fit to overcome the novel coronavirus attack. There is a paramount need of advocacy to the Fit India movement, which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 2019 with aims to encourage every citizen of India to incorporate physical activities & sports in their day-to-day lives. Regular work out is key to build body resistance to fight against many diseases. Likewise, having a superior immune system is now vital as it may keep us at bay from Covid-19 complications.

    The coronavirus death rate percentage of India stands at a slight over 3 %, although, we have crossed the infected figure of China. But, the low death toll is highlighted the importance of having a sound immunity as more than 35% of the infected patients are being recovered from the Covid-19.

    The need of the hour is to inculcate AYUSH recommendations on ‘Immunity Boosting Measures for Self-Care during Covid-19 Crisis’ in our daily life, which will utterly help us to enhance natural immunity system of our body. WHO has evidently mentioned that people with low immunity are at high risk of having Covid-19 complications. Hence, it is an unprecedented wake-up call for habituating to a healthy lifestyle as there is still a long way to go without Covid-19 immunization.

    In a recent development, some countries are planning to introduce new criteria to check the immunity of a person by launching ‘Immunity Certificate’ and ‘Immunity Passport’. But the countries like Switzerland, Britain etc. are still mulling on implementing it for crucial issues arising on practicability & ethical grounds. The basic concept of issuing immunity or health certificate/passport is to allow a person to attend large cultural & sporting events, travel internationally, meeting old age people without putting others at risk for Covid-19.

    It will be provided after attaining a bunch of immunity status check-up. The certificate will be issued for a period of time and it will be a continuous process. The United States has started to issue the certificate to the Covid-19 recovered patients through a blood test that checks for antibodies to the deadly novel coronavirus. Such kind of immunity test is also crucial to India, at least for those who are found positive and recovered subsequently.

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organization expressed that, there is no confirm evidence about the antibody driven immunity to guarantee the correctness of an immunity passport or risk-free certificate. Further to this, the world’s health watchdog has noticeably disclaimed that; such certificate may increase the risk of further transmission of Covid-19.

    The health watchdog also underlined that, people cannot assume themselves after recovery from Covid-19 that; they will not affect in second wave. Therefore, it is imperative to follow the public health guidelines on Covid-19 instead of depending on an immunity certificate.

    As per the Bloomberg Global Health Index, 2019, India ranks at 120 among 190 countries. This index is based on five key parameters i.e. a)  Health risks, b) Life expectancy, c) Malnutrition, d) Availability of clean water, and e) Causes of death. Other additional factors that were considered in preparing the ranking includes – outdoor activities and exercise, high-quality health care & healthily diets.

    According to the health experts of India, people of the country including millennial does not show much interest on health & fitness, but we need to wake up to alarming situation to develop a thick immunity basically for a communicable disease like Covid-19.

    Due to lockdown, some people are concentrating on fitness and at the same time; there is also a section of people that developed laziness in their life. According to a survey done by the National Institute of Nutrition, 72% of the males lives in cities did not engage themselves any kind of physical exercise whereas 85% of the females did not go for any kind of physical work out.

    These figures are certainly fingering towards the lack of awareness on having a good health that facilitate us to keep away from both doctor and disease. Therefore, we must start to believe on fitness in the time of Covid-19 crisis to ignite our immunity system and by doing this; we can together beat the invisible global enemy.

    The views expressed by the author are personal and may not in any way represent those of TIME8.

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