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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

    Droolworthy: Top Instagram Food Accounts You Should Follow To Know NE Better

    Need some food inspo? We have some top food influencers below

    The food culture might be gaining momentum with the cultural exchange and the vivid cuisines to devour the taste buds but sincerely your relationship with food is a ‘forever’ saga. Not to mention those memes and jokes flooding the internet.

    Northeast(NE) home to eight states has an exponential affair of food patterns including its ethnicity and traditional dishes. The aromatic confluence mixed with herbs, natural spices and delicacy of fermentation with these cuisines is going to give a lifelong love affair with food.

    Thanks to the growing numbers of food influencers who keep on updating us with all the latest food joints and eateries. So here we have compiled some top food influencers across NE.

    Check out here:

    • Assamese love their ‘bhat’ some vegetables and dal. No matter consuming those french fries but they need their rice. Follow ‘food_in_guwahati’.
    • Bamboo shoot, Mustard Leaves and Bhoot Jolokia Curry with Rice anyone? Follow ‘assamesecuisine’.
    • Have you seen those delicious posts by ‘d_homemade_cook’?
    • Raise your hands for Naga organic food. For more posts follow ‘nsingmoinao’.
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    • Eat Your Kappa is a channel that offers you a sneak peak into the undiscovered Northeast Indian Tribal food, culture and everything nice.
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    Nga thongba #Manipuri #Dish #ManipuriFishcurry

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    The Hungry Assamese has it all sorted with all the latest updates of the authentic food diaries. Follow for the latest updates.

    • “the_oo_morok_trails” gives an insight into the indigenous cuisine.
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    Reposted from @letscooksimply (@get_regrann) – Water lily stalks fry/ ভেঁটফুলৰ ঠাৰিৰ ভাজি Water lily is an aquatic plant.Its beautiful flowers are used for pond decoration, indoor decoration, fragrance and the plants used as shade for aquatic creature, habitats of microorganism etc. Waterlily plants have medicinal values also which we found in ayurveda. Different parts of waterlilies are edible such as young leaves, unopened flower buds, stalks, tubers, seeds. These parts are often used as vegetables and can be prepared delicious recipes. Before sharing the recipe I would like to mention some health benefits of it. Waterlily is good for skin & hair, capillaries , regulates pH, treats kidney pain, congestion, treat sore throat , it is effective in curing dysentery or diarrhea etc. . . Recipe👉: clean the stalks, remove the thin outer skin/layer from it just like colocasia stems. cut into 2-3 inch lengths. Heat pan, add oil. Add ½tsp black cumin seeds,sliced onions. Stir fry 1-2mins. Add waterlily stalk pieces, add salt as per taste and a pinch of turmeric powder. Stir fry. stalks will release water during cooking, let it evaporates . When stalks are almost cooked, add slitted chillies. Stir fry for another few minutes. Remove pan from the flame. And its done 👍😊. . . . . . #waterlily#waterlilyrecipes#waterlilystalks#authenticrecipes#foodphotography#foodporn#foodclicks#mobileclick#mobilephotography#assamesefood#assamesefoodblogger#foodblog#indianfood#tasteofindia#tasteofassam#foodpicture#instafood

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