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Monday, January 18, 2021

    IN PICS: Kaziranga National Park Returns to Normal after Flood

    Kaziranga National Park is all set to boost vigilance with hi-tech drones for capturing video footage of parts of the jungle not accessible

    GUWAHATI: Known for the rare one-horned rhinoceros, the Kaziranga National Park slowly started to return to normal with floodwaters subsiding.

    The park has witnessed a devastating flood this year with at least three waves of floods hitting the state already. Over 95 percent of the park’s areas were submerged this year and over 150 animals had died so far due to flood.   

    Park authorities sharing images of the park’s current condition said that short grasses started to grow on the lands vacated by water. These foraging grounds are very important for rhino and other herbivores.

    The park authority also claimed to have witnessed the longest mating session of a rhino couple on Friday.

    The Park is also all set to boost maintenance and vigilance with a new set of hi-tech drones for capturing video footage of parts of the jungle not accessible on foot.  

    The high-tech drones are expected to be able to fly for 4-5 hours and take high-quality footage. The new drones are believed to overcome the time and maximum height limitation that the earlier ones had. Sources said that the park so far had three drones which could fly at a stretch for only 25-30 minutes and were not customised for wildlife usage.

    All Image Courtesy: Kaziranga National Park authority

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