Inside Flood Ravaged Assam | Photo Essay

Images: UB Photos

  1. A woman hands over a bag of what are probably necessary items over to a little boy. Items they cannot leave behind as they evacuate homes at a flooded Dhakuakhana.

2. Smiles amidst adversity: Children and women rowing their way to safety at Dhakuakhana.

3. A family crosses a makeshift bamboo bridge as they move towards a relief camp at Gohpur.

4. Stranded villagers wait for their turn to collect relief materials in Gohpur.

5. A mud caked tubewell and the abandoned household. Lakhimpur has always been one of the worst hit districts during the annual floods over the years.

6. An elderly woman joins her hand in prayer as her grandson lies down on a mat while both guard the only things they could rescue from their flood hit home in Lakhimpur.

7. Women and children guard their livestock in a makeshift shed in flood ravaged Lakhimpur.

8. The children of a family having a very basic lunch, cooked with relief materials at Lakhimpur.

9. A woman prepares a meal in her makeshift kitchen on a road in Lakhimpur as her family looks on.

10. Locals watch the flood waters erode the road outside their home in a village at Majuli, the world’s largest river island.