Irked With “Unfulfilled” Promises A Village In Barpeta Collectively Decide To Boycott Elections



Barpeta, April 6, 2019

Exasperated with the apathy of the higher officials turning a deaf ear to the prolonged issue of flood at Paschim Itabita village under the Barpeta constituency, the villagers on April 6th collectively vowed not to take part in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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The villagers alleged that for the last 15 years, the residents have been facing the consequences of flood including loss of human life, damage to property and so on. But despite several complaints, there has been no solution to their problems.

“For years now our children, women swim to reach schools or market areas. We had urged the men in power for the construction of a concrete embankment alongside the pond so that during monsoon or heavy rainfall the water is redirected or prevent flooding but all our prayers went in vain,” said a local.

“We have passed three general elections in the last 15 years, 3 MLAs, 3MPs and several Panchayat official have visited us. They just inspect and make false promises and ask us to vote. So this year we have jointly decided not to vote for any political party,” added another local.

The Barpeta constituency will go to polls in the third phase of the general elections on April 23rd 2019.

A total of 28,143 polling stations will be there in Assam. Out of 21,991,112 electors, 11,235,129 are male, 10,755,492 are female and 491 are third gender electors will exercise franchise in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.