Karimganj Sex-Scandal | Leaked conversations between Shreya & her multiple partners

Guwahati, December 6: In startling revelation TIME8 got access to the personal conversation between Shreya Paul, the accused in the Karimganj Sex scandal case, and her partners from Police department Pawan Kalita, Nipul Ahmad, Amir Khusru Alom Choudhury and Roshan Habib of Silchar.

Portnoy Das, the husband of Shreya Paul who has committed suicide on November 30, got hold of his wife’s phone while she was talking to her alleged partner Pawan Kalita.

Deepta Purkhayastha, the sister of Protyay Das, told TIME8 that Shreya has secretly aborted her child due when Protyay was out of town and she told him that she had a miscarriage due to some health issue while. When Protyay came home the other night, Shreya was talking to Pawan Kalita over the phone and was telling him that Protyay is very upset because of the child but he is unaware that it was your offspring. Protyay overheard the entire conversation and get hold of Shreya’s phone, which was password protected but as Protyay was very well aware of the mobile technology he unlocked the phone and recovered every detail of Shreya’s alleged relationships with several men.

Deepta further said that Protyay has saved all the data recovered from Shreya’s mobile phone in a folder on his personal computer and before committing suicide on November 30 he shared the information with his sister. Deepta shared the information with TIME8.

Deepta also told that when Protyay filed a case in Karimganj police station against all the Police officers involved for exploiting his wife, Shreya in returned filed a case of domestic violence against her husband Protyay and also said that Protyay has sold her to the concerned persons at Rs 8000. Protyay and Shreya Paul married each other after a relationship of three years.

Few of the conversation exchanged between Shreya Paul and her partners are shared below:

Shreya and Pawan Kalita


Shreya and Amir Khusru Alom Choudhury

Shreya and Nipul Ahmad


Shreya and Roshan Habib