Locals Allege Meghalaya Police Of Intruding Into Secret British-Era Bunker In Assam’s Mankachar


Mankachar, March 17, 2019

In a startling incident, the locals of Mankachar town in Assam, bordering the Meghalaya state, have alleged the neighbouring state officials of intruding into the state on the night of March 16th, 2019 and entering into the secret British-era bunker without “prior notice”.

The locals alleged that a team of Meghalaya police and forest department officials entered the area on the night of March 16th, 2019 and attempted to “intrude into the secret tunnel with the help of a JCB machine”.

Mankachar is a census town in South Salmara-Mankachar District in Assam. As per the topography, it is situated at the extreme south-westernmost end of Northeastern India which shares a boundary with the Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

“It is a British-era bunker. Very little is known about the history of the underground network. It was constructed during the Independence as a part of the defensive military fortification,” said a local.

The local added, “It is believed that the tunnel is a treasure trove of historic coins and antiques.”