Locals bar boys and girls from stepping out after 10 pm near Assam University

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By Shabana Islam Laskar

Silchar, January 3: In a village named Airangmara in Cachar district boys and girls were restricted to go out after 10 pm at night and if someone is found roaming after the specified time he or she will be inquired by the local authorities and if they fail to justify themselves they will be handed over to Police as well.

Frequent cases of theft in the area have bound the locals to take this decision. Reportedly local students union, local residents and the owners of rented houses have set this rules under which no young boy or girl will be allowed to step out of the house after 10 pm, tenants who are using more than two rooms are instructed to install CCTV cameras on their property, also, students of Assam university who stay in mess in the area were directed not do any sort of parties after 10 pm.

Reportedly all these precautionary measures were adopted by the local people to avoid the unwanted attention of thieves and burglars in the locality. Recently several cases of theft and burglary had been reported in the area after which people have become more alert and are adopting every precautionary measures t avoid such incidents.

SP of the area Rakesh Roshan told TIME8 that Police have not issued any such orders and that local people are themselves making such rules. He said that people were also responsible for the recent cases of thefts happened as people were irresponsible and used to leave their houses and property unattended. Roshan also said that the situation is under control and they have recovered many items in certain case of Brahmaputra.