Locals having difficulty breathing after massive fire breaks out in Ghy

Guwahati, December 7: A massive fire broke out at Haldigali in Athgaon today Morning. The fire broke out in a spice godown near the Marwari Maternity Hospital and almost 10 fire tenders have been pressed into service.

People in the nearby area are now complaining of having difficulty breathing. The spice godown, the source of the fire is allegedly an illegal establishment. The spices mixing in the air has led to people nearby feeling a burning sensation in their throat and eyes. Even the TIME8 team that had reached the spot and had been streaming live on our Facebook Page had to beat a retreat as they complained of the same burning sensation.

The fire luckily hasn’t spread to the nearby houses and was contained within the godowns itself. But the locals are now raising concerns about the air quality, more so because of the infants, pregnant ladies and lactating mothers who are admitted in the nearby Marwari Maternity Hospital.

Questions are now arising as to how such business establishments are given permission to set up factories and godowns in residential areas like this without proper safety and security in place.

This isn’t the first incident of a massive fire breaking out in the densely populated Athgaon Area of Guwahati.