Madrassa School Appeals People to Help Rohingyas in Morigaon


Moirabari, February 14, 2019

A Madrassa school in Moirabari village located in Morigaon district called Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom have made an appeal to the locals to help and ensure the safety of a group of as many as 7 Rohingyas coming from Hyderabad.

The incident came to light after the group had visited the district recently from Hyderabad.

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The appeal was made via a letter dated January 8th, 2019. In the letter, the authority of Madrassa school is seen making an appeal to the Muslim population of Assam to “ensure the safety of the Rohingyas visiting the district all the way from Hyderabad”. It was also revealed that the group had taken shelter at Hira Jame Masjid during their stay in Moirabari.

A snap shot of the letter forward by the Morigaon Madrassa school
A snap shot of the letter forward by the Morigaon Madrassa school

“I request my Muslim brothers to extend their help to the group as they have been suffering from a lot of problems”, read a paragraph of the letter.

Reportedly, following the message, many people have come forward to provide financial help to the group.

At a time when Assam is on the boil over illegal infiltration, the incident came as a shock to the people of the state.

However, speaking to TIME8, Morigaon SP, Swapnaneel Deka on Thursday informed, “As per information, the group is a part of United Refugee group so they did not enter the Indian territory illegally. They came from Hyderabad to Hojai and arrived at Morigaon. They have returned back to Hojai now,”.