Manipur witnessed maximum insurgency-related Casualties in Northeast during 2017

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By Nilakshi Goswami

Imphal, January 3: Manipur has been reported to be witnessing maximum insurgency-related killings during the year 2017. The year 2017 witnessed deaths of 55 people in Manipur, including 23 insurgents and civilians each, apart from nine security personnel, who lost their lives due to insurgency-related fatalities.

It needs to be further noted that 68 militants belonging to six different groups surrendered before the government during 2017. The surrendered insurgents comprised of 17 from UNLF, 23 KCP cadres, seven PLA cadres, 10 PREPAK, four KYKL and seven PREPAK-PRO cadres. However, Coordination Committee (Cor Com) alleges that the 68 militants who laid their arms before the Chief Minister of Manipur were all ‘deserters,’ and thus, would be duly punished.

While Assam ranked second with the number of fatalities amounting to 26 people, including 18 insurgents, three civilians and five security men, Nagaland and Meghalaya remained third.

Four civilians apart from three insurgents and one security personnel were reported to be killed in Nagaland, while Meghalaya witnessed killings amounting to a total of six insurgents and two civilians. Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh came fourth with its reported killings of six insurgents. Parallel to the peaceful state of the northeastern region- Mizoram, no reports of insurgency-related casualties were informed about Tripura either for three years in a succession during 2017.

Other than claiming 55 lives, 34 instances of bomb explosions resulting in deaths of six people and injuring 62 others were reported in Manipur. Although responsibilities for eight such explosions were owned up by different insurgent groups, most of the explosions at private residential places were not claimed by anybody.