MCPM deffer 72-hour strike from December 5 to 16


Manipur, December 5: The rebel group Maoist Communist Party , Manipur (MCPM), that had called a general 72-hour strike from December 5 to midnight of December 7 has today through a statement deffered the strike to December 16 midnight till December 18 midnight.

A statement of the outfit said that even thought all was set to call the general strike the political goal that the Maoist is likely to be thwarted as the Manipur government is still yet to call the Assembly session.

It said the general strike is being called on the needs for political, social and organisational matters.

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And as the government delayed in calling the state assembly session the party felt its necessities to postpone the general strike.

The rebel group continue to lambast the authoritarian nature of the present government over the misused of power.

Fault promises about the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission , going in hands with political party which is sponsored by he NSCN-IM whose main agenda is to distort the unity of the state , threat intimidation to media houses by filing defamation cases for reporting against them, misusing of NSA etc.

were some of the matters highlighted by the rebel group.