Meghalaya Eyes Bangladesh Market For Local Products

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma at a workshop on food processing
Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma at a workshop on food processing. Photo: TIME8


  • Meghalaya CM urges young entrepreneurs to utilise opportunities in the food processing sector
  • It is a huge opportunity to sell our products to nearby neighbouring countries since Meghalaya share around 440 kms with Bangladesh, Conrad Sangma said.

Shillong, February 6, 2019

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on February 5th, 2019, while addressing the inaugural function of a workshop on food processing, appealed the farmers and entrepreneurs of the state to look beyond the domestic markets. “We share around 440 kms of international boundary with Bangladesh. This is a huge opportunity for us, to market and sell our products to nearby neighbouring countries and beyond,” Sangma said.

Wild Forest Honey
Wild Forest Honey. Photo: TIME8

Sangma further urged the people especially the young entrepreneurs to utilise the opportunities in the food processing sector. The Chief Minister also stated the need for proactive participation from farmers at the grassroots level and rural entrepreneurs for the food processing industry to move forward.

Emphasizing the need to engage the youths of the state in business, he said, “I want to see young people get into entrepreneurship. I want the people of the State to develop an entrepreneurial culture. That is the reason why the government has initiated various programs to help young people to take up entrepreneurship as a viable option for self-employment and in turn create livelihood opportunities for others as well.”

Meghalaya in a box, a product
Meghalaya in a box, a product. Photo: TIME8

“It is not simply enough for the government to come out with policies or the agriculture and food processing industries to come up with innovative programs and initiatives. Ultimately all this can only be activated when all concerned stakeholders are part of this process. It is the entrepreneurs, the farmers and the people to ultimately bring all of this together. I am of the firm belief that it is only through entrepreneurship that the economy of the State can move forward. We need participation from all to make the State grow and prosper,” Sangma added.