Meghalaya should welcome railways into the State as it will bring development: Pala

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By Shabana Islam Laskar

Shillong, January 12: It has become very embarrassing to inquire about fresh railway projects from the government because of all the controversies related to Tetelia-Byrnihat-Shillong railway project, says MP Vincent Pala.

Khasi Students Union (KSU) is opposing the arrival of the Railways in the State as they fear that it will make it easier for outsiders to enter Meghalaya and settle here.

Pala has reportedly appealed to the people of Meghalaya that development of any sort where it is roads, railways or anything else should be welcomed in the State. Pala has also pointed out that the youth of Meghalaya are unemployed and are struggling and the only way to help our next generation is by welcoming development.

Pala alleged that he is always in favour of development, be it of any kind. According to Shillong MP Railways will add to the overall growth of the State. the government of Meghalaya is making effort to deal with the opposition of the Railways as it wants to make way for Indian railways into the State.