Opinion | Hobson’s choice for Assamese people – either Kashmir or Tripura model

Pranab Kumar Gogoi 

The people of Assam have now only two choices for their future survival. The people of the state are to make a choice of demographic pattern either of Kashmir or Tripura model. According to the Language Census of 2011, the total population of Assamese speaking people of Assam is only 13 million that is of 48.38% of the total population of the state. However, many population of Assam originally belonging to Tibeto –Burma, Austro-Asiatic, and section of Tai people speak their own local dialect. Assamese is lingua franca for all communities to unite and stand only.

As per computation of this arithmetic’s a huge bulk of population of 51. 62% Assamese people are not Assamese speaking people.

The arithmetic of politics of Indian Parliamentary system now clearly affirms that such demographic patter an insufficient figure to form a government in state Assembly.

Therefore, both BJP and Congress now are coming with musk on face in order to stand behind Assamese people as their real savoir.

Now it is seen that BJP is coming with “Hindu Jinnah” on its contrary, Congress is coming with “Muslim Jinnah” to save Assamese race from the days of diabolic situation.

In order to protect the Muslims Congress introduced the ‘Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act 1983’, to protect the Muslim Bangladeshi people in the same tune BJP is going to introduce the ‘Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016’ in order to protect the  Hindu Bangladeshi people. However, the IMDT ACT 1983 was struck down by Supreme Court in 2006.

Now, people in Assam are confused as the politicians starts to teach the people about history distorting the preambles of Assamese nationalism.

The base line of Assamese Nationalism is not standing on religion. Rather, it’s outline is based on ethno-linguistic foundation. Religion had nothing to do with it. Therefore, indigenous Assamese people have now declining the both RSS-BJP and Jamiyat-Congress version of secularism.

Therefore, indigenous people defying the persecution of Hindu People from neighbouring country and accepting people of a particular ‘religion’ same country as ‘foreigners’.

Former Assam Assembly Speaker Pranab Kumar Gogoi already defined the theory of Assamese in new context. In a historic decision in Assam Assembly, Speaker Gogoi asked the government to accept the people who came before 1951 as Assamese.

Therefore, a mere title is not enough to identify somebody as Assamese, the whole world acclaims the literary contribution of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Chandra Kumar Agarwala, Horibilas Agarwala, similarly contribution of Indian People’s Theatre Association (Bharatiya Gana Natya Sangha ) icon of Hemanga Biswas, Debabrata Biswas on Assamese folk song and supreme sacrifice of late Sisir Nag is never a less Assamese than anyone else.

Politicians in Assam are successful for pushing the indigenous Assamese voters into a dilemma constricting the mass to a corner of crisis, where only option in hand is a Hobson’s choice.

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