Modi announces Rs 47,000 crore Railway Projects in North East

Guwahati, December 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with the committed plan to bring all state capitals of North East region on the rail map.

According to reports, Government of India is executing 15 New Rail Line projects of 1385 kilometers length, at a cost of over Rs.47,000 crore. Modi speaking at a public rally said that “As a gate-way to South East Asia, Mizoram stands to gain immensely from this. It can emerge as a key transit point for trade with Myanmar and Bangladesh.” Also he added that the NDA government had been following Act East Policy since coming to power at the Centre.

Narendra Modi also appreciated the high rate of literacy in Mizoram and expressed his feelings towards the scenic beauty and congratulated on the large English speaking population in the state. With an idea of turning the state to a model tourist destination, PM Modi also highlighted the importance of Bamboo. He said that since Bamboo is very restrictive regulatory regime it further becomes difficult to cannot transport or sell the Bamboo produced in your own field without the permit.

The Prime Minister of India was already looking forward for his visit to Mizoram and Meghalaya and as been regularly tweeting about it. He has flown down to inaugurate various development projects in order to boost the developmental journey of Northeast.

He quoted “Our Government with an aim to reduce this pain, has changed the regulatory regime and now there will be no requirement of any permit or permission for producing, transporting and selling Bamboo and its products produced by farmers in their own fields”

PM Modi hopes that with the constant effort of the government, farmers will be benefitted and will add to increase their income by the double by the year 2022.

Prior to this, the prime minister also inaugurated 60 MW Tuirial hydroelectric power project in Mizoram. With this, the state became the third power surplus state in the North-east, after Sikkim and Tripura.

By Nisha Das