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Must-Try Delicious Breakfast Dishes From Assam. Yummy!

Dishes from Assam or rather Northeast India are a combination of taste and health

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As they say, ‘Eat your breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper’ Assam apparently righteously follows that as this is the most important meal of the day. With lives getting busier, Millenials have almost forgotten the idea of having the first meal of the day in peace and they often tend to skip it. But, the joy of enjoying breakfast at home is unmatched.

Dishes from Assam or rather Northeast India are a combination of taste and health. The climate and the soil of Assam allow cultivation of rice and hence the state is known for its wide indigenous variety of rice developing an eternal love story with the golden crop. Hence, people living here consume rice as a staple food. So why not kick start the day with fancy cum healthy breakfast options with rice.

Here we have made a list of the most popular and mouth-watering breakfast options generally made in almost every Assamese household. Here are some of our favourite picks. 

Tekeli Pitha

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Tekeli Pitha is a big size rice flour cake with the filling of a mix of jaggery and grated coconut, steamed hot and served. This rice cake is a powerhouse of flavours. This Pitha goes very well with a cup of black tea. A complete breakfast to make your day!

Poita Bhaat

Poita Bhaat or fermented rice is very popular in Assam. This dish is basically leftover cooked rice soaked in water and left overnight to ferment. You just need to season it with mustard oil and green chilies. Voila!

This fermented rice can also be relished next morning along with side dishes like mashed potato, boiled eggs, potato fry, fish fry or any other curry, onion, burnt red chilies, lemon, bhut jolokia to name a few.

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Seera Doi 

Seera Doi is a type of Jolpaan(breakfast/snacks) people of Assam like to relish. It is beaten rice served with curd or cream and jaggery. Enjoy this heaven on the plate while you are in Assam.

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Kumol Saul 

Kumol Saul or Boka saul is an indigenous variety of rice produced exclusively in lower regions of Assam generally served with curd or yogurt. This magical rice recently got the Geographical Indications tag, commonly called the GI tag. Kumol Saul does not require cooking, it is soaked in water and mix with curd or milk and serve with Jaggery or sugar. People also stir-fry the rice with veggies to make a savory dish.

Bora Saul 

Bora saul is the sticky variety of rice boiled and served with milk or curd and jaggery.

Xandoh Guri

Xandoh Guri is a type of rice flour. The rice soaked for few days in water, dried in sun and later pounded. Enjoy with curd, milk.


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