Mysterious death of man in rehab centre cannot be destiny!

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The competent authorities have not officially disclosed the cause of death to the media
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Guwahati: So who is responsible for the death of this 20-year-old, believed to be a resident of a rehab centre in the downtown area of Guwahati?

The plight of the private rehabilitation centres in the city already came to the fore when Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Pijush Hazarika made a surprise visit to a private ‘rehabilitation’ centre in the city two weeks back.

Sumitta Kumar Das (20) was found dead under mysterious circumstances and sources informed that he was not doing well for the last 10 days. He originally hailed from Dergaon under the Golaghat district.

The family members of the youth also claimed that he was unwell for the last couple of days, sources informed.

Dispur police also reached the spot and recovered the body.

As the investigation in connection to the death is underway, the competent authorities have not officially disclosed the cause of death to the media.

On the other side, the proprietor of the rehab centre had allegedly denied making any comments on the issue.

Sources informed that the proprietor of the said rehab centre had allegedly denied recognizing the person and claimed that he is not a resident of the centre.

Thus, none is to be blamed for the death of the youth, isn’t it? Perhaps, this was his destiny!

The fact that cabinet minister of Assam Pijush Hazarika had earlier strongly directed the owners of the “rehabilitation” centres in Guwahati to follow some principles keeping in mind the minimal needs of the inhabitants of their centres; a youth had to die in such a dilemma.

Interestingly, this is the second such incident that has been reported in the city. Last June 4, 2022, a 25-year-old man identified as Pinku Nath also died under mysterious circumstances at a rehabilitation centre.

That incident was reported in Guwahati’s Chandmari area.

Minister Pijush Hazarika shows concern, calls on owners of rehabilitation centres in Janata Bhawan

A review meeting at the Chief Minister’s Conference Hall, Janata Bhawan was held last September 3, wherein, the Minister urged the owners to follow certain principles keeping in view the minimum necessity of the residents of their centres.

  1. Rehabilitation centres can accommodate up to four people in a full-size room
  2. One toilet for every 5 to 7 residents
  3. Nutritious food every day
  4. Regular health check-ups

The Minister directed that all necessary work should be completed in this regard within the next three months.

Hazarika also made it mandatory that any willing to open a rehab centre must seek permission from the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment as well as the Health Department and the District Administration.

In the meeting, a departmental committee comprising eight owners was formed and within the next two months, the committee would submit its report to formulate a new policy. On the other hand, the Minister said that strict attention will be taken to ensure that no one closes their centres immediately and put the residents in trouble.

The minister also said that the residents of the centres who will not be able to comply with the government policy and want to close their centres after the next three months will be shifted to government rehabilitation centres.

In the review meeting, discussing whether schemes can be adopted for skill development in the government’s initiative for the residents of rehabilitation centres, who want to get away from drug addiction, Minister Hazarika said that it will be considered whether skill development training can be imparted to 1000 such residents in the next budget year.

Minister Hazarika also urged the officials of the Health Department and Police Department to work together with the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment to control and regular monitoring of the rehabilitation centres so that drug addicts in the state can be given a new lease on life.

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