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Thursday, May 13, 2021

    ‘Netiquette’-The Need of the Hour

    The days when Etiquette was the only order of society is in the past. We now have the concept of “Netiquette” which has taken over the world and our lives. Today, on an average we spend around 4 to 5 hours of our day using the net for various purposes and to be aware of the “etiquettes” while using the “net” is important and relevant.

    The term Netiquette is not a present addition but has been around for long, just like the term “quarantine”, the present pandemic has made its usage more circadian.

    Why the need to talk about Netiquette may arise and the answer is a simple one- the need of the internet makes it important. The use of the internet for all of our work in the last few months has made us ponder on a few things that should be acceptable and things that can be avoided especially when communicating, conducting classes and holding meetings and webinars.

    A few points are framed from personal experiences and are not yet scientifically proven or lab tested.

    Keep your Microphone on Mute if you are not speaking.

    You need not turn on your video if it is not asked.

    Try to be in a less crowded room to avoid distractions.

    Keep your judgments to yourself if you are not sure about how the mute and unmute function works.

    Be careful about the language you use in a setting, as you may be at home but the setting is a formal one.

    Post messages on an appropriate discussion handle.

    Conduct a Fact Check before posting.

    Hopefully, these make our online communications and deliberations a little more engaging and glitch-free.


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