NEUFC’s latest anthem is out and has crossed 1,000,000 views in just a day!

A screen grab from the video

Guwahati, March 21: The anthem of the North East United Football Club is out and we can’t stop raving about it! Joi Barua’s latest track has all the elements of an anthem- uplifting and so full of life. The video, featuring John Abraham along with his team NEUFC and Joi along with his band leaves a smile on the face of anybody watching it!

Pawan Rasaily was in charge of all Programming & Guitars, Ibson Lal Baruah penned the lyrics and Abani Tanti mixed and mastered the track.

The 3 minute 50-second long video was shot in a stadium, on the streets, beside Deepor Beel and is a delight! No wonder that at the time of filing this report it had already crossed 1,000,000 views within a day of being uploaded.

Speaking exclusively to TIME8, Joi Barua said: “It’s not just a glamorous exercise, the football-loving public also feature in the video besides the team of course. I think it’s the first of its kind song in Assamese, teams from outside have such anthems, but our teams have never had that. We are happy that people have liked our effort!”

Well, we won’t take up any more of your time. Here’s the video: