Assam Police likely to deal with cyber crimes on priority

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Guwahati, January 12: Considering the phenomenal rise in the number of cyber crime cases across the country, Assam Police is soon to introduce plans emphasizing the need to improve cybersecurity across the state. With PM Narendra Modi’s efforts at dealing with the emerging concerns of cybercrime on highest priority, Assam is on its march to raise its guard on the cyberspace as well.

Although the issue of cybercrime is still not very grave in Assam and rest of the northeast, the security forces cannot be complacent as anti-India forces, radical groups and insurgents have been using the cyberspace to forward their agendas, which has unfolded a serious threat for the country. However, it may be noted that until now, most of the cyber crimes in Assam are related to cyber defamation of individuals, fraudulent withdrawal of money from accounts, and so on.

Reportedly, the social media was kept on a close guard during the release of the first draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) to prevent any kind of rumor-mongering that could have seriously threatened the law and order in the state. However, no such untoward occurrence has been reported on the cyberspace so far.

It has been reported that the Assam Police has cyber labs only in the Headquarter of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The next phase aims at extending such labs to the seven ranges of the Assam Police, while gradually setting up cyber labs across all the districts across the state.

Sources have further revealed that in addition to keeping a close watch on the social media, the Assam Police is also making efforts to use the social media to improve police-public relation.  Assam Police also intends to seek help from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and other engineering colleges across the state for capacity building in dealing with cyber crimes, while training officers from the level of sub-inspectors and above for the same.