Meet Bapenyimjong – teen football prodigy from Nagaland


Dimapur, January 12: Bapenyimjong from Nagaland is turning out to be one of the state’s brightest teenager in the field of sports as his footballing prospects is gaining momentum.

At the age of 12, Bapen enrolled himself at the Nagaland State Sports Academy in 2016 and ever since then there was no looking back for the young boy.

“I always felt at home at the football field; it was my passion and despite all the negative perception here about sports as a profession, I was certain about pursuing playing football as a career,” said Bapenyimjong, as quoted by Morung Express.

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Losing his parents at an early age, the 14-year-old got his driving force his elder sister.

Young Bapenyimjong finds support from the ‘Tata Trusts Centre of Excellence for Football’ to realise his dreams.
It was in 2017, the ‘Tata Trusts Centre of Excellence’ began their search for the first batch of hidden talents from the Northeast India. Out of the 400, Bapen impressed the coaches.

The young footballer further says that he owns a lot to the coaching staff at the Tata Trusts and taught him to master the art of first touch.

Bapen enjoys reading autobiographies of some of his heroes in his free time.