NE girl falls victim to cyber bullying by Delhi youth


Guwahati, December 10: Another incident of cyber bullying on a Northeastern girl has surfaced after the victim chose to speak up about the experience on her social media account.

The victim Inia Debnath is a student from Tripura shares her bitter experiences of allegedly being harassed by a Delhi youth identified as Sanket Rao

Royal Global University

Speaking to TIME8, the victim shared, “I knew him through facebook. He was a mutual friend but we live in different cities.”

Adding, “He shared some illicit conversation and pictures with me out of nowhere which was really gross. Who wants this kind of pictures from a stranger.”

Inia went on to say that women should not remain tight lipped if anything of such cases are experienced as online harassment and cyber bully has become very common at the present day and that the same must be reported.

“Some people blame the girl, but i disagree because i barely have any kind of provocative pictures on my social media account.” added Inia.

However the victim also informed that the accused has tendered apology of his account being hacked later.