NSCN-R ‘cautions’ Assam Rifles not to carry out Raids

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Dimapur/Guwahati, April 16: The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Reformation has warned the 32 & 41 Assam Rifles not to repeatedly carry out raids on the residences of its officials, while ‘cautioning’ AR not to take their ‘restraint as their weakness.’

As per reports, Assam Rifles raided the residences of two of the NSCN-R officials, Dy. Kilonser Pichu Lotha and Lt. Col. Kuhuto Sumi, on April 14. While Lt. Col. Kuhuto Sumi’s home has been already raided once on March 29 and twice in 2017, Dy. Kilonser Pichu Lotha’s pistol was being seized by AR in spite of being a Ceasefire ID Card holder. Also, Lotha’s personal bodyguard, Robin Lotha, was taken away.

The raid in Dy. Kilonser Pichu Lotha’s residence was carried out at 3:30 am on April 14 by AR under the command of Major Praveen, seizing away the pistol despite holding the Ceasefire ID Card holder, which NSCN-R has termed as a disregard of the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGR) signed between the NSCN-R and the Government of India.

While emphasizing that the raids were mostly conducted in the morning hours, The NSCN-R thereby questioned AR’s actions, while condemning them of disrupting the peaceful environment around by repeatedly raiding the residences of the NSCN-R officials, and by harassing them and creating a hostile atmosphere.